Alexander R. J. Keller


UOIT Logo M.Sc. Computer Science - Information Science

University of Ontario Institute of Technology



  • Advanced Topics in Information Science II (Data Quality)
  • Advanced Topics in Information Science I (Machine Learning)
  • Advanced Topics in Software Design (Formal Verification)
  • Collaborative Design & Research
  • Survey of Computer Science

Thesis: Data Curation with Ontology Functional Dependencies
Adviser: Dr. Jaroslaw Szlichta Ph.D.

UOIT Logo B.I.T. Information Technology - Networking & Security

University of Ontario Institute of Technology



  • Special Topics in IT (Big Data)
  • Database Systems
  • Cryptography & Network Security
  • Advanced Networking III
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • IT Forensics
  • Web Service & E-Business Security
  • Voice (VoIP)
  • Compilers
  • Malware & Software Security
  • Mobile Web Programming
  • Cloud Computing
  • Consumer Behavior
  • IT Security Policies & Procedures
  • Enterprise Network Management
  • Basics of Digital Transmission
  • Operating Systems Security
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Signals and Random Processes
  • Web & Script Programming
  • Cybercrime
  • Operating Systems
  • Intro to Computer Security
  • Advanced Networking II
  • E-Business Technologies
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Computer Architecture
  • Advanced Networking I
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to Networking II
  • Introductory Calculus
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Management of the Enterprise
  • Law and Ethics of IT
  • Introduction to Networking I
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Technical Communications


Government of Canada Logo Amateur Radio Operator - Basic with Honors

Innovation, Science and Economic Development

  • Expires: Never
  • License: VE3ZSH


  1. Competition: 1st place at UOIT's FBIT 2016 CTF
  2. Competition: 5th place at Hackfest 2015 CTF
  3. Competition: 1st place at SecTor 2014 CTF
  4. Competition: 1st place at UOIT's FBIT 2014 CTF
  5. Scholarship: NSERC USRA
  6. Competition: 5th place in the Cisco NetRiders provincial level
  7. Scholarship: Private pilot license
  8. Scholarship: Glider pilot license


UOIT Logo Research Assistant

Data Science Lab - UOIT


Research and development on big data under Jaroslaw Szlichta.

  • Invented and developed an object oriented database technology called Ontology Functional Dependencies (OFDs).
  • With OFDs, data can posses relations like inheritance, generalizations, components, multilingual representations, and synonyms.
  • Created a set of algorithms to handle these new constraints for automatically cleaning databases achieving an average accuracy of 85%.
  • Utilized high performance computing techniques to improve cleaning speed by an order of magnitude over traditional methods.
  • Programmed a set of Go libraries to demonstrate the research, with plans to port it to a PostgreSQL plugin.
  • Presented the research at the 2016 Alberto Mendelzon Workshop on Foundations of Data Management (AMW).
  • Published two papers and a thesis on the research (see publications).

UOIT Logo Teaching Assistant

University of Ontario Institute of Technology


Assisted student instruction under Jaroslaw Szlichta and Jeremy Bradbury.

STERLON Logo Database Administrator

STERLON Underwriting Managers Ltd.


Database administrator and IT support for an office of legal professionals and secretarial/paralegal support staff.

  • Overhauled database to improve UX, performance, scalability, error handling, and testing.
  • Deployed service ticketing for features and support requests leading to improved overall development time tracking.
  • Implemented fraud detection algorithms used to identify high risk policy holders to receive coverage.
  • Automated the loading of spreadsheets of data provided by underwriters saving hundreds of manual data entry hours per month.
  • Deployed a VPN to enable telecommuting and on-call troubleshooting, resulting in improved issue response times and boosted productivity.
  • Migrated services and hosting to the cloud reducing server budget 92%.
  • Improved backup strategy to include on site, encrypted cloud backups, and crypto-ransomware resistance.

WindReach Logo IT Assistant

WindReach Farms


Helped out the lead IT administrator with routine duties around the farm.

  • Setup file sharing server to replace adhoc system leading to fewer single points of failure, heightened security, backups, and auditing.
  • Ran networking cables to connect a photocopier to the server and enable direct scanning into shared storage.
  • Setup shared password manager to improve security and improve shared online account access among staff.
  • Began a site wide documentation of infrastructure, policies, and procedures.

UOIT Logo Research Assistant

Advanced Networking Technology and Security (ANTS) Research Lab - UOIT


Research and development on information security under Khalil El-Khatib.

  • Forensically audited the Ford Sync infotainment system to identify the availability of incriminating evidence from the device in cooperation with the OPP.
  • Security audited smart meter wireless technologies deployed in the province of Ontario for a large power company in the region which lead to better customer privacy and smart grid security.

UOIT Logo Research Assistant

Advanced Networking Technology and Security (ANTS) Research Lab - UOIT


Research and development on smart grids/cities under Shahram Heydari.

  • Invented an architecture for smart city interactions to afford last resort communications during large scale natural disasters.
  • Developed a smart city simulator to accurately model the interactions of devices within a smart city environment.
  • Developed a smart grid simulator to demonstrate the utility of GIS, power measurement, and communications data over mixed mode networks.

NSARC Logo Membership Secretary

North Shore Amateur Radio Club


Volunteer executive committee member of local interest group for ham radio enthusiasts in the Durham region.

Durham Hamfest Logo Event Organizer

The Durham Hamfest


Volunteer event organizer and web master for this yearly event and fund raiser in the Durham region put on by the North Shore ARC and South Pickering ARC.

  • Manage and coordinate roughly 25 volunteers.
  • Developed and maintains current event website.
  • Brought on communications manager to coordinate public image of event across print, social media, outreach, and advertising.
  • Deployed online payments and registration leading to 5% increase in vendor table sales.
  • Conducted attendee survey to understand attendees and better target services to meet their needs at the event.

Chadburn Squadron Logo Chief Training Warrant Officer (WOII)

151 Chadburn Squadron


Alexander was an air cadet with 151 Chadburn Squadron from the rank of Corporal through Warrant Officer 2nd Class, retiring due to age requirements.

  • Managed the duties of roughly 15 training staff cadets to organize training of the squadron in materials designed by the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.
  • Trained cadets as an instructor in topics such as aviation, mechanics, meteorology, wilderness survival, first aid, citizenship, dress/deportment, and drill.
  • Acted as a team commander (leading ~10 cadets), squad deputy commander (supporting ~30 cadets), squad commander (leading ~30 cadets), and squadron deputy commander (supporting ~150 cadets) during his time with the unit.
  • Member of the squadron's precision drill team throughout his time as an air cadet with the squadron.
  • Acted as the squadron's precision drill team captain in 2009 at the regionals competition.
  • Earned scholarships to obtain his gliders and private pilot license.

Yukon Squadron Logo Corporal

718 Yukon Squadron


Alexander was an air cadet with 718 Yukon Squadron from his first day as an air cadet until changing squadrons in 2008.

  • Member of the squadron's precision drill team throughout his time as an air cadet with the squadron.
  • Took summer training courses on an introduction to leadership and an introduction to instruction during his time as an air cadet.


  1. Data Curation with Ontology Functional Dependencies
  2. Efficient Discovery of Ontology Functional Dependencies
  3. Ontological Functional Dependencies


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